Safety of Drinking Water:

In today’s polluted world, keeping drinking water safe is really a tough job. Drinking polluted water is like having poison swallowed. Drinking water comes through innumerous pipelines which put a question on its purity and brings disease right into your house. But now getting pure water is easy. All you have to do is to get a water purifier. Kent is providing one of the best water purifier. Bring a water purifier to your home and enjoy good health.

Now a safe, reliable way to purify water. You need water purifier for clean, filtered water.


Our target is to win the satisfaction of our customers. We have a strong service around Kolkata. We provide all kind of services related to water purifier. Our only mission is to help people to stay healthy. In today’s world people’s living are being affected by pollution in every mean – air, water, food. Our desire is to provide all the healthcare products which help people to live pure.

RO Purifier Services:

In Royal Sales & Services, we provide all sorts of services regarding RO purifier. We have an expert team around Kolkata who provide all kind of maintenance and repairs. We’re at your services 24*7.

RO Water Purifier Repair:

We provide the best repair service for all kind of RO purifier. We render free services for models which are under warranty period. We also provide customers with an AMC if they wish.


We also provide warranty in some cases where we find the parts of the machine is in the state of working. It depends on the usage and analysis of the products.


If you have any doubt whether your machine is an RO or not, then it’s the time that you should visit our team of expert. They will provide you with an AMC which is the assurance for your machine to be an RO. The terms and conditions will be crystal clear.